Monday, 3 June 2013

Free sms app

Free SMS India


 Don’t pay for SMS packs when you can send them for FREE!
Send unlimited SMS for free right from your Android Phone!
Free SMS India is Android application by which you can send SMS to
anybody all over India without spending single penny. User Interface
of Free SMS India is very sleek and simple, even a kiddy can operate
the app.
All you need is working GPRS connection to send SMS. Application is
optimized to decrease data usage and your SMS is sent in few Kb of
In our latest version of Free SMS India, following gateways/services are
- Way2SMS
- FullonSMS
- Site2SMS
- 160by2
- SMS440
- IndyaRocks
- YouMint
- Ultoo
- FreeSMS8
If you want us to add any new gateway/service do send me email at
As soon as I get your request I will start working on it and in next
update you will surely find that gateway.